Welcome to Patrick's lair

Let's begin with the beginning...
...who's that fool named Patrick Valsecchi?

In fact, it's a melting pot between a Swiss (as everybody knows the Swiss people are crazy) and a computer scientist (yes, a nerd). So I'm a crazy nerd. But I'm trying to hide all those shortcomings behind a good skier, and a life. You'll tell me it's proving I'm crazy and I won't contradict you. For giving a little "equilibrium" to this character you can add the fanaticism for Linux and a strong attraction to every beers expect the lagers (no, I'm not alcoholic).

I'm making fortune (LOL) by working for a Swiss company. I'm specialized in object oriented design, guru in C++ and Java, hacker in perl and cracker as a workaround to our system engineers who don't want to give me access to the stuff I need. For more information about my career, help yourself to my resume.


OK, now you -kind of- know me, let's continue to visit my universe. The Linux addicted user I am, wrote some stuff to impress the girls. As the local girls are blinds and never got attracted by my coding style, I published my babies on my utility page to try it on the international girl community. It was still another crash in flames in terms of relationship, but, at least, it interested some others crazy Linux users.

I even published my diary so my female fans would be able to know when I'm free for an appointment. You know what? None used it!

But now I am working hard to make my boss even more richier (those guys never have enough), I don't have time to maintain those old pieces of software. Even my diary is not published anymore.


As I'm working very hard, I can afford some cool travels, adventures and parties so help yourself to my pictures.


Now, if you want more information, you can try to find it by following the links: