My utility page

I have written so many lines of code in my so short career! Here is the strange path I followed:

It started with Basic on my old C64 (sweet old times!). The variable naming was ugly and short, many goto and even much unbelievable hack. But it worked!

Then comes the Amiga with the C and a more complex Basic.

With my first PC (i386), the fiend own my mind a little while. What a nightmare when I remember all these lines of code for Windows. So many hard reboots and "Fuck Bill"... My only reward was the knowledge of Pascal and Visual Basic.

Oh sweet light who illuminated my soul! The light, personified as a friend of mine, showed me an old version of Linux. I've used OS2 (a stable replacement for Windows) for a while. But when I bought my PPro200, my first task was to install Linux.

But who cares?

OK, now, the only stuff that remains published is: